The Inspiration

The Floaty Pants Inspiration

For years our families have enjoyed the outdoor boating life. Summer afternoons are often spent basking in the Tennessee sun with periods of floating in the water to cool off. We have tried noodles, saddles, tubes (and even the ever-so-popular upside down life jacket) to achieve the ultimate buoyancy: where our drinks are safe from spillage. But nothing really worked.

And then one day, while floating with several friends in Norris Lake, the idea for Floaty Pants came to life!

We thought, “If only we had a hip-level garment that allowed us to float in the water to keep cool, but also in a relaxed sitting position where we could easily hold a cold beverage in hand!” This way we could enjoy the water – our upper body free to tan – with our arms free to hold our beverages!

This was the birth of the Floaty Pants concept. We are sure that you will enjoy hours in the water with our product while partying with your family and friends just as we do!