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9 Fun, Floaty Styles To Choose From!

Plumber Man →

This design is a real conversation starter. Plus they’re the most comfortable thong you’ll ever wear! No wedgie, we promise.

Polka Dot Bikini →

This design is a real conversation starter. Plus they’re the most comfortable thong you’ll ever wear! No wedgie, we promise.

Ab Man →

Who wants to spend hours slaving away in the gym? Confidently wear a speedo and sport a six-pack that you can be proud of!

American Flag →

Proudly display your pledge of allegiance in these stylish floaters. The Stars and Stripes have never looked so good.

Sexy Thong →

This design is a real conversation starter. Plus they’re the most comfortable thong you’ll ever wear! No wedgie, we promise.

Maui Man →

These’ll make you want to grab your surf board and ukulele and spend the day at the beach!

Camouflage →

Sneak up on fish and friends alike with Camo Floaty Pants! Perfect for fishing without a boat.

Oh Canada! →

Show your Canadian pride with the most Canadian party float available!

Floaty Blue →

Never get lost in a crowd. Stand out. Make a statement or match your boat color with our most popular blue float.

Floaty Pants Means Quality & Comfort

The floatiest of floaty stuff in the history of floaty stuff.

Floaty Pants are stuffed with super-floaty and moisture resistant EPE foam to let you float higher in the water.

Hold your beverage higher than the rest!

Strong, water-resistant nylon for plenty of floaty good times!

Our floaty nylon fabric resists water so you’re not leaking for days after you get out of the water.

Plus, it’s soft to the touch and holds strong.

Step in. Buckle up. And relax.

Yep, it’s that easy. Ensure your floating comfort by tightening the four nylon straps and buckling up to keep your booty from coming loose!

When you’re done, unbuckling is easy and you’ll be in a state of zen.

Comfortable where it counts.

The crotch is made of soft, stretchy neoprene which results in extra comfort for your delicate area.

There is even extra space for males!

Plus, it’s soft to the touch and holds strong.

What People Are Saying

People Are Amazed When They Try Floaty Pants

Short people rejoice!

The floaty pants are a hoot! Wasn’t sure about them, but seeing the saddle type float costs more, I chose these. I was amazed how much stability there was. You feel kind of like your wearing a big diaper, but there wasn’t any chaffing in the seat area. I’m 5’2″ and I can actually have fun in the deep end. The day after I tried them out, I ordered two more so we can play volleyball!

By: Brenda Frederick

Great for the lake!

Great for the lake! MUCH more comfortable than wearing a life jacket upside down!! Keeps you floating up higher than other flotation devices I’ve tried. I’ve only used it once, but well worth the money so far!

By: K.B.

Floaty Awesome

Just received my Floaty Pants and let me say they are a hit. I’ve only had about an hour with them because everyone wants to use it. By so far so good. I am 6’1, 135 lbs, ordered a S/M and my head and more importantly my beer stays above the water.

By: Dave Haney

Floaty Pants are the best

I Adore this float. I use it at the sandbar all the time. I used to get lucky every time I went there, which got complicated with child support and antibiotics. I can happily say now, I am 3 months “infection” free AND no new pregnancies have been announced either. Deep-ends (that is what we call them) for the win!! I swear it is better birth control than crocs!

By: Emily W.

6 stars because 5 is not enough

My mother in law and myself have tried to invent these for years but could not get it right. These people got it perfect. The upside down life jacket, the noodles and the horse thing are all crappy. This is perfect. They are comfortable and you can float for 6 hours straight with no problem. You could not have a better floating to body out of the water ratio. You can float straight up but also since the back is large enough you can lay back with your feet up too. Everyone in the river was asking me how I was floating so freely and easily. I will be buying lots of these. These are great for drinking, floating with friends and bullcrapping, for the river, for the lake, for the beach, for the pool, for stubbing your boat down, for everything that involves water.

By: Alley R.

Don’t let all the effort it takes to stay afloat …

Don’t let all the effort it takes to stay afloat keep you from drinking more beer with Floaty Pants. Bonus, it’s a g-string with delightful tramp stamp! Men, don’t you worry, there’s something for you… get those abs you’ve always wanted with Floaty Pants Ab Man; quickly hide that six pack you just drank with a six pack of abs and a patriotic American flag themed banana hammock.

By: Amy C.

5 Reasons Summer’s More Fun With Floaty Pants!

✓ While everyone is struggling to keep their head above water, you’ll be sitting up high, comfortable, and relaxed without a care in the world.

✓ Floaty Pants are the original hands-free party float. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations or knock-offs. Stick with a product that’s a proven customer favorite.

✓ Everything about Floaty Pants is top notch from the thoughtful, tested design to the floatiest materials and premium workmanship.

✓ Tons of fun designs to choose from. Seriously, you’re going to be the envy of all your friends when they see how amazing you look in Floaty Pants.

✓ They’re backed by an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee.